Who is the Salty Hog…

Traditional BBQ – High Quality at a fair price

The Salty Hog was opened by Anthony & Michelle Webster. They have discussed, researched and worked on an entrepreneurial venture for several years. Over time the hobby of smoking food grew and the step into the Salty Hog seemed natural. Dedicated to high quality food at a fair price paired with great customer service they teamed up with Ole Hickory Pits and SDG trailers to put together the eye catching Salty Hog.

Visit our facebook page @saltyhogbbq to check out the trailer.

Why The Salty Hog?   The name comes from our enjoyment of time spent at the ocean and beach. While living in Virginia Beach, VA we discovered the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We spent many weekends on the beach cruising dunes and surf fishing which grew a love for all things ocean and beach.  Since relocating home to Iowa, we find ourselves in need of frequent SEA-habilitation trips enabling us to live the salt life anytime we can. Recently while hanging out in the gulf pondering business names, the term “salty dog” was used and the Salty Hog was born!